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    CrossLinking - a question
    I understood that:

    If I had a site 'domain1' that was pushing widgets and I had a site 'domain3' that was pushing widget sleeves I probably should be fairly limited and cautious about linking from domain1 - "click here to get information about widget sleeves' which links you to domain3. I understood Google frowned on artificial link interaction. Any truth or another old husbands tale.

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    If the link can beneficial to your visitor then it should be OK.

    As long as you don't abuse and overlink.

    Another thing is that I make sure the domains are not on the same IP.

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    Google wants you to supply the most relevant information to your visitors.
    If you have information pertinent to the topic being read then link to it.
    As you get a +1 for incoming links and a -1 for outgoing links you can adjust the balance by adding a "no follow".

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