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I just came back from Affiliate Summit and thought I would share with you all the great stuff we learned and came across regarding Affiliate Marketing.
After attending a few tracks and speaking with numerous affiliates in our industry I am convinced more than ever that Social Media is going to play a key role in your affiliate business. Positioning yourself now is going to be key to your future success, donít wait another moment.

Ideas for Your Affiliate Business

Let me give you a few ideas we ran across at a tracks conducted by Jay Berkowitz, CEO of 10 Golden Rules and other speakers. Below are some basic tips regarding how you should get started and ideas on how to monetize:

1.Open an account on Twitter and Facebook and create a fan page for your website. Encourage others to follow you in regards to the nature of your site, whether itís a blog, coupon, deal site or comparison engine, get the word out and attract a following.

2.Consider how often you tweet or update your FaceBook page. No one likes to read or hear senseless information, make sure if your updating your followers, that you make it good and attractive post. Even if itís of a personal nature, make sure you make a good one! *

3.Do more Videos via YouTube. Almost 50% of all searches are done now on YouTube. Please note: Only 41% of your competitors are using Video vs. 77% using Facebook and Twitter. Use the power of Videos for merchant products and ideas, they will help your SEO, help you community site visitors and lead you to more sales.

4.Donít depend on the Search Engines, focus on grass roots efforts on acquiring emails and site visitors via your Social Media account. *

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