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    What would you include in a e-mail directed...
    What would you include in a e-mail directed toward one of the companies you are affilliated with that seems to be shutting the door on a otherwise seemingly benefical (to both parties) business relationship.

    Everything seemed to be going good and then - out of the blue - this company notifies me it is severing our relationship. I'd sent several e-mail to keep the relationship going but it seems the company is ignoring my e-mails.

    I plan on sending another e-mail BUT would like to know how you would structure this e-mail. What you would and would not include on it.

    Thanks for any advice you could offer.

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    Emailing is a great form of communication, but if you really need/want to get in contact with someone from this network, I would suggest calling and see if you can get in contact with them that way.

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    An email is very easy to ignore - or "claim" it was not received. If you REALLY want to attract some attention send an appropriately worded letter - yup, good ol' snail mail. Send it Certified Mail with a Return Receipt. Might cost a couple-a-bucks but will attract attention. However, depending on the company you still may not get an answer. If that is ignored then you KNOW it is time to promote a competitor.
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