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    FTC Guidelines and Affiliate Marketing
    Hi I hope all you must have heard about new FTC guidelines and must be revamping your marketing strategies after hearing about those deadly clauses.

    However if we see deep into it only those affiliates working for US based merchants and customers are on stake. Others have no issue with those guidelines. But we never know which gov implements it similarly in other part world. So its always better to learn and know what it is. Have you?

    Well if you have not please go through it. There are many ways to come out of it or I can say to follow them and still get the same earning as you were getting it earlier.

    I read following three rules to help you against FTC guidelines (since i am not allowed to place a link i am giving those three points but you may later find it out)

    Rule no 1: Say only what you can deliver
    Rule no 2: Don't oversell just work on marketing (pre-selling)
    Rule no 3: Create smart disclosure on your site

    (removed sneaky attempt to link to blog)

    What's your view on it?

    Lets discuss and find out a way for it.
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    "since i am not allowed to place a link"

    So you attempt to sneak something in anyway? You almost got banned for the other stuff you posted, now you are.

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