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Thread: Ticketmaster / Live Nation Entertainment

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    Ticketmaster / Live Nation Entertainment
    Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment Merger Receives U.S. Department of Justice Clearance - Canadian Bureau of Competition Clears Merger - - Creates One of the World's Premier Live Entertainment Companies - - Company to be Renamed Live Nation Entertainment

    PR Newswire | 25 Jan 2010 | 02:47 PM ET

    Charlie: will you let us know as soon as possible if we have to regenerate our widgets, since the Ticketmaster name is going away?

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    RE:TicketMaster > Ticketmaster / Live Nation Entert
    I think it would also be helpful to know any details of what this means for the Buyat and Ticketmaster relationship, etc, etc.

    I know nothing is finalized yet, but this could mean some big changes.


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    The relationship with Buyat is fine and is unaffected by the merger. As to how this affects the affiliate business in general (one program, two separate programs, etc) that will sort itself out but keep in mind that it is not the primary concern of the merger at this time. They will get down to the sorting out the affiliate marketing business after some of the larger issues such as the day-to-day ticketing operations are concerned.

    It is our hope that this merger will bring greater clarity and opportunity for all primary ticketing affiliates of Ticketmaster's program. We envision more opportunities to promote more tickets to more shows and at more venues making it easier for you to help us merchandise tickets so they get in the right hands of true fans.

    As changes are made that will help affiliates through this merger, please be sure to check back here as well as to follow our Affiliate Twitter (@Ticketmaster101) and our Affiliate Newsletter for all the breaking news about new content and specials. We send out our newsletter weekly and I think it is helpful for understanding not only the ticketing industry but how to promote our tickets with the right information to increase your conversion rates.

    If you think there is more info you'd like to see in that newsletter, please write to and let us know.

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