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    find out if the link has been affiliated or not

    Is there a way to find out if the link the user if viewing has been affiliated or not?
    I'll rephrase - what cookies are added once the link is affiliated? (like 'ubid-main' on amazon)
    Does anyone know how this works with GAN or linkshare as well?


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    Advertisers have to set up their program and ask CJ to show the PID (tracking ID) in the landing page URL. So if the advertiser chooses to do so, then you know a link is a CJ affiliate link with you see &AID=XXXXXX&PID=XXXXXXXX after clicking through a product link, banner, text link, etc...

    Plus, when you hover over a link, you will see the name of one of many CJ servers. Recall the CJ server is pinged first to drop the cookie and then redirects to the advertiser's landing page.

    CJ's servers are

    By enabling your program to 'see' the PIDs after clicking through allows you to then copy and paste this PID number into CJ to find out who's link it is. Even if affiliates mask their links or opt to encrypt them, you should still be able to see the PID number.

    Right clicking to "View Properties" of a text link will also reveal if it's an affilaite link - you can see the name of the server here too before even clicking through.

    Linkshare and GAN have a unique number as well - just hover over what you think is an affiliate link and the name of the servers will be there.

    For example, Linkshare,

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