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    microsoft store on Linkshare

    I have been having small time success with the Microsoft Store on Linkshare.
    Recently, they had a coupon code promo for 40% off certain laptops. It hasn't gone too good:

    First, they mailed all us affiliates with the coupon code, and the model laptops which it was good for. Apply the coupon code and get 40% off... wow! I was skeptical of such a discount, so I called their 800 number on the site, which an operator told me Yes, this coupon code is valid! So then I post it on my site.

    I start receiving complaints that the coupon code is no good. So I call the 800 sales number again, and they say that the coupon code is valid, but only via phone orders because there is a database update problem, and the coupon will be valid for online sales shortly... :shifty

    Fine... Then, I get more emails stating its not actually 40% off; each item is already on sale, and the 40% is not off of the on sale price, but off of the regular price- so its really like a 20% off coupon...

    Then, we get a msg saying the coupon code is invalid, here is the new coupon code, same code, but with a "2" in it... :shifty

    Finally, to top it all off- each email said commissions will be 10% instead of the regular 5%... I make my sales, and sure enough, they are entered in at the 5% amount. I emailed and didn't hear back...

    Anybody else doing Microsoft store on LS?

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    Microsoft Store on LS
    Microsoft has never replied to any of my emails since about 1982 - unless of course, they wish to sell me something - like their culture. LinkShare, I see, is following in their footsteps.

    Remember (MS & LS), on the Web these days, everyone has a newspaper or three or more in which to publish their experiences. Remember that well.

    I have currently been waiting for a response from MS & LS to a "please why aren't I being credited with my affiliate sale" email inquiry for over two weeks now.

    Interestingly enough I never received the laptop discount coupon of which you speak. It seems, from your experience, that it would have been, yet again, a waste of my time. As an additional note - there are always continuing and ongoing problems with ALL of Microsoft's websites. Too many changes, never taking the time to rest and consolidate and regroup.

    I also never got a reply from MS months ago when I asked them what on earth they were thinking of signing up with LS. Better than digitalriver I spose! But, they never replied so, I don't know..

    <------- 25 years waiting for a reply from MS !!!!!

    Oh, but I did spend 1000's taking and passing their certification exams!

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    Thank you for your reply.

    A quick search at Infowars of bill gates reveals his true allegiances, with money made from his Microsoft.

    Thanks again for your reply.

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