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    Better Sales With?
    I'm just curious to see others experiences so far.. Do you have better sales with standard html sites or wordpress.. I know my wordpress stuff gets picked up by the SE's a bit faster but sales are still much stronger from a normal html site..
    I do prefer html for some sites as its easier and less hassle then upgrading wordpress and finding out plugins don't work and other stuff..
    I like the html sites for easier customizations on individual pages etc..
    Just curious to hear others opinions?

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    Any opinions or thoughts anyone?

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    Doesn't matter. You could try to make a case for "all other things being equal" but in reality, you'll never get that situation. A well-designed site will perform better than a poorly-designed site, no matter if it's Wordpress or handmade HTML. If your Wordpress stuff is picked up faster, it's because it's updated more frequently, the theme is better optimized, or any number of other factors.

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    I don't have enough data to make a decision on this as I just started using wordpress a couple months ago on some product related sites.
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    Search Engines cannot tell the difference nor can your customers. It all just comes out as HTML on the other end to the receiver. If you are getting better sales from your static sites than your WP sites there is another factor. SEO, inbound links, metatagss, image alt names, etc. Look at everything. Make sure WP (and all of the plugins you are using - i.e. Headspace, SEO Slugs, Google XML Sitemaps, etc.) are generating the same quality of HTML. If we are not careful we can get lazy with WP It does so much for us that some of the details we put in writing HTML manually may get lost.

    FYI... if your WP upgrades or the plugins are a hassle you need a new hosting company. My WP + plugin upgrades are a breeze - and that is the main reason I use it over anything else. I log into WP. It has a warning at the top that they have gone from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1. Click. Click. Upgrade done. Less than 30 seconds. Literally. Same thing with the plugins. Usually every week at least 2-3 plugins get upgrades. Each one takes me a couple of seconds. No FTP. No download. No nothing. WP (on the right host) just handles it. Usually after an initial WP install I never have to deal with that site again in FTP.
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    I'm with the others on the site looking great and converting because of the design. I'd focus on studying the analytics of the supposedly better performing site and determine what the differences might be between your two sites design and layout wise and optimize from there.

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