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    How much money for affiliates?
    Just curious if affiliates use a revenue formula that helps them pick one merchant over another?

    How much does an average merchant earn for an afilliate in a month?

    Thanks everyone.

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    You won't find many affiliates willing to share revenue info..

    However you can gauge the overall conversion success of a merchant through statistics provided by the network, eg. EPC. This represents the average $ earned per 100 clicks.

    Some affiliates may earn zero for that merchant, some can do so well they skew the average. Exceptions will always exist.

    In some cases, a low-performing merchant can represent an opportunity.

    Just recently I added a merchant with little expectation, and have been pleasantly surprised. I don't follow a formula, but I monitor stats closely. As a result, this new merchant will get higher profiling than the [supposed] performer who isn't converting well for me.

    EPC aside, my initial decision is always product-based.. ie. does that merchant have the right products for my site..

    Hope this helps

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