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    Merchant Timesaver - Grouping Affiliates

    Just wanted to tell you guys about a new merhcant timesaver in the ShareASale merchant interface!

    For those affiliate managers using the grouping function to organize your affiliates, you will now have the ability to manage your groups directly from the affiliate details page. In the past, the grouping function could only be done within the View/Create Groups page or from the affiliate list level. Now, in the affiliate details page, managers can quickly and easily remove or change an affiliate’s group assignment.

    Unsure about what “grouping” is? Grouping is a way to organize your affiliates. You can assign affiliates to any number of groups within your program. For example, you can create a VIP group, and set that group at a higher commission level than your base commission rate. Or, you can segment out PPC affiliates from coupon affiliates, etc. To create a new group, simply click on the View/Create Groups link under the Affiliate Management column in your merchant account.

    Once your group is created, you’ll be can to set a group commission rate, generate group reports, or send specific newsletters to a targeted group. If you have any questions on how to use this feature, feel free to contact me directly at sarah(at)shareasale(dot)com!

    Sarah Beeskow, ShareASale Client Services
    Y!: sarahshareasale | e: sarah(at)

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    Awesome! This will be a timesaver
    Deborah Carney

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    I love that!

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    We love you guys!

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    ELE - Everybody Love Everybody. It is a way of life!

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