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Program Highlights:
15% commission when you partner with us by February 15th, 2010!
Commission duration 30 Days
Average order size $200
BYOL available
Datafeed available

All Affiliates approved by Auto FX Software and partner with us by February 15th 2010, will be able to sell these professional grade software products and receive a lifetime 15% Commission Rate! This offer expires February 15th, 2010.

Auto FX Software is a leading developer of professional Photoshop Plug-In filters since 1994 and currently serves more than 750,000 pro designers, pro photographers and photo enthusiasts around the world. All levels of photographers and designers benefit from the cutting-edge solutions we offer to enhance your images. You do not have to be a pro photographer to use our image enhancing solutions.

Auto FX Software products include stand-alone applications as well as plug-ins to Adobe Photoshop. Now you can do more in less time and with fewer steps than it takes in Photoshop. Auto FX products help you become more productive and efficient while improving your creative edge.

Think about your client being the professional photographer or designer. Do you believe they would rather spend their time working with their clients, building their business and taking new photos ... or spend all day in post-production crunching through step-by-step using Photoshop to enhance their photos? Do you feel they would ever get tired of the seemingly endless steps and techniques these professionals have to memorize in order to improve their images? With Auto FX Software these struggling individuals will find a quicker and simpler way when using Auto FX Software as their set of 'magic brushes' will just sweep over their photos and make them look dazzling, usually in 2 minutes or less? That is not just efficiency, but a liberating solution recommended by you. Most importantly, with these powerful image enhancing software products, Auto FX Software helps your clients turn problem shots into profitable shots in just a few short steps.

For those who demand the highest quality in profession image enhancing software, Auto FX Software offers unique solutions to improve your client's work-flow and give them the results they demand, now! Auto FX Software ships its physical product, when requested, all over the world, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all its clients. We offer all of our products for trial use as a FREE Download Demo right from our website Come visit us today and see for your self why more than three quarter of a million professional photographers and designers around the world have come to trust in our visual imaging solutions.


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