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    Colorado what you should be doing...
    The vote might be tomorrow PM or Monday.

    I recommend emaling/phoning both your senator and representative:
    To find your senate district number:

    Then google "colorado state senator district xx"

    To find your house district number:

    Then google "colorado state house district xx"

    This map did not work for me (browser issue?):

    Don't get into politics like "to tax or not to tax" that is not the issue. In fact, it's the most dangerous fully loaded issue (it's at the core of the dem/rep centuries old battle and most likely you have to convence dems...remember that). Don't talk about moving.

    Simply tell them how this will impact your business and familly (give numbers if you are comfortable with it, if the numbers are large enough it should be obvious that you will be moving if the bill passes) and how many merchant will actually start collecting sales taxes in Colorado to keep you as an affialite (in order words tell then how much you think Colorado would collect from bill).

    Keep it short, to the point and don't repeat yourself. Try to get their attention with something personal right from the beginning. Be honest and emotional don't hold back.

    For a summary of this topic see:

    Once done with your congress poeple. You might want to email/phone the members of the commitee that pre-approved the bill HB-1193:
    Joel Judd, Chairman

    Debbie Benefield, Vice-Chairman

    Brian DelGrosso

    Jerry Frangas

    Cheri Gerou

    Daniel Kagan

    John Kefalas

    Jeanne Labuda

    Ellen Roberts

    Ken Summers

    Spencer Swalm

    If still time try to call or email the sponsors of the bill HB 10-1193 or simply HB 1193 :

    Senator Rollie Heath

    Keep on the watch for further communication.

    The amendment they added, on the fly in front of all the affiliates, is not enough. Colorado can't redefine the term affiliate just for Colorado. The risk of vendors simply not wanting to read Colorado law details is just too high and we might still get dropped. They need to vote NO on 1193!
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