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    Colorado....Kick it up a notch
    They might vote tomorrow PM!!!!!

    This is it, you got one last chance.

    Focus on democrats (we got the republicans aware and on our side) found here please email :

    This representative was on the commitee he seems to listen (his link on the previous page does not work):

    If you are starting from scrath read this first:
    and this

    Ok now your done with emails, phone time! Prepare well for a 30s to 1 minutes answering system message. If time research their site and find if you have any affinity. Use that to make a connection. Use the meeting yesterday for the 6 present during that meeting. Use some of the good points they made yesterday to connect.

    No one answered their phone directly yet.

    The key talking point, I'm using here after having sent my personal email is:
    - Please do let bill 1193 get politicized. The country is already too polarized. This bill is not a matter of tax or not tax. It's a matter of it will not work and cost me my job in the process. Job that will be very difficult to replace during this great recession.

    Maybe a stream lined national sales tax would work but bill 1193 will not collect one penny for the Colorado state schools and healthcare.

    Leave your personal information should they can reach you back (they probably will not).

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    man I just left a 2 minute voice mail to every single democrat.... I hope they check their voicemail before they vote ;-)

    My message goes something like:
    You mother---- I think you BLEP ---- Why don't you take your BLEP and put it in your BLEP... ;-)

    Just kidding they all seem like nice people pretty interesting to hear their difference voices and tones...

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