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    Another Driving Traffic Question
    This question is in response to an earlier question I made about driving traffic to my blog.

    If you lintlin or anyone else can answer this it would be much appreciated, in an earlier post lintlin spoke of:

    look at your stats and what keywords your visitors are finding your site through.
    How do you actually find out the keyword information? I am able to access all my traffic information from my HostGator control panel but there are no specifics about what actual keywords people are typing to actually get to my site.

    You responses are much appreciated...

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    "what actual keywords people are typing to actually get to my site."

    Go to the "latest visitors" in cpanel and you can click through to the actual search strings/results from where the visitor came from on the search engines.

    There are also plenty of free tools out there that you can use to track referrer info like this. Statcounter, Google Analytics, Xtremetracker, etc.
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    You can also check on google webmaster tools > your site on the web > top search queries
    Hope that helps

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    If you are blogging with WordPress (the software, not the free blog), you can find a plugin called StatPress Reloaded. It will give you a pretty decent summary of a lot of useful stats, including the most recent search terms, page the search brought the visitor to, and some other stuff.

    That plugin is nowhere near as comprehensive as Googly Analytics -- which has always confused me. LOL! -- but it does give you useful information and doesn't seem to slow the site down particularly. I use it on all my WP installs.
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