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    1 is looking to work more closely with an affiliate in regards to payment processing. We can offer you 20% of all sales. Daily sales range from $100 to $500, and are usually over $400.

    Our previous payment processor, A1 sales in the UK has been informed by their bank that they can no longer provide 3rd party merchant accounts. We briefly tried working with Paypal, but had too many problems, chiefly due to our head office location being in Thailand, an area that Paypal does not accept for receiving funds. We are exploring other payment options, however as our headquarters is located in Thailand, payment processing options are limited, costly, and usually require setting up a European Corporation.

    We would require of you to arrange a method of receiving online payments. Paypal could work, and a merchant account would also work and is considered by most as far superior to collecting funds by Paypal. You would remit 80% of sales to us daily. In return we would send you UPS and EMS tracking numbers of all shipments daily.

    Please contact for further information.

    Richard Hicks

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    and in what form are we to remit to you daily?

    and are these receipts the result of auction sales, like eBay or similar?

    and what happens if customers suddenly start knocking on our door because of nondelivery?

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