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    CJ ask a question not working for more then a year?

    is anyone having trouble in getting his questions answered by cj. During the last 2 years I have send multiple questions to cj using ask a question. And I have not been getting an answer? Can someone help me on how I can contact cj?
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    Have you gone into the Contact Us link & clicked on "Check Question Status"..?

    I asked a question yesterday & received a reply this morning - I've never received email notification that my ticket has been updated, but questions submitted have always been answered in the ticket itself.

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    If tezone's suggestion doesn't solve your problem - you might call CJ's client support at 800-761-1072 (PST business hours)

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    I posted multiple questions over the last year and not one of them got answered. I always receive an email stating that they receive my question and that someone will answer within 24 hours, but then I never get an answer...

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    I had this recently someone had just updated the status without answering it.

    So I just added a further response stating that I was still waiting for an answer and that was responded to within hours.

    So just update the status yourself with a further comment and you should get a response.

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