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    PayPal horror stories
    We are launching a new program, and since it's a new offer with a company that has not gain any brand awareness, we decided to go for a while with PayPal that makes users feel more secure (instead of starting with a merchant account and having users doubt if they want to enter their credit cards on unknown site).

    And yes, we are planning to signup for in 3 months, so that's not a debate.

    Our transaction value is under $100, so it definitely doesn't reach PayPal max limit.

    Knowing all horror stories about frozen accounts, I would like to hear from those:

    - whose account with incoming funds was frozen or
    - who knows exact stories of someone else with the same issue

    So, what I would like to ask is:

    - how much $ was on hold
    - for how long
    - what was the transaction value (large? small?)
    - what did you do to solve the situation

    and the most importantly...
    ... knowing what you know now HOW COULD YOU AVOID YOUR ACCOUNT BEING FROZEN?

    Thank you.

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    Oh, and one more question.
    Do everybody who got their account frozen for no particular reason, get it unlock and acess their funds or you are aware of some other outcomes?

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    Why not offer your purchasers a choice????............Use both.
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    yes, we are considering this to, but it doesn't solve PayPal's concerns..

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