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How to Increase Your Sales through Social Media Efforts

Iíve done it and many others have too; weíve decided to promote a deal or offer to friends on Facebook and Twitter in the hopes they will visit the site or take action on the deal presented. The deal doesnít work or we find that it didnít get the results we hoped for and we start to wonder:

Was it the deal that failed?

Was it the wording I used?

Whatís the answer?

In the following article I am going to take a crack at answering this question and offering advice as to why you may have failed and what you can do to start getting results today!

The Secret Sauce

It's no secret that Social Media has become a very popular form of interacting with others over that virtual platform we call ďthe internetĒ. I know, youíve heard this statement before, but what you havenít heard before is what I am about to address in this article.

As an Affiliate Manager I get asked frequently by other affiliates if Social Media tools like Facebook and Twitter can really help drive traffic to an affiliate site.

My answer is always the same: YES!

The next question that usually follows is: Ok, how can I effectively do that?

My answer is: Itís not a cake walk, but the spirit of this concept may help you get started on the right foot.

The assumption that your friends or family want to hear about your offers or deals is a very dangerous and expensive train of thought. You could be throwing your ďpearls before swineĒ and not getting an effective ROI on your time with this approach and thereís a very good reason why.

It could be that friends and followers donít care for what youíre selling or promoting on your Twitter or Facebook account; they simply want to engage with you on a personal level and hear about your day, an event or even the funny things that take place in the lives of your children. In either case, there something to say here about why you may not have succeeded in your marketing endeavor. It could be that you havenít created an effective targeted.....

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