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    Well it looks like the major ISPs have had it with junk mail direct marketers still flodding them with billions of spams daily.

    DomainKeys: Proving and Protecting Email Sender Identity
    Email spoofing - the forging of another person's or company's email address to get users to trust and open a message - is one of the biggest challenges facing both the Internet community and anti-spam technologists today. Without sender authentication, verification, and traceability, email providers can never know for certain if a message is legitimate or forged and will therefore have to continually make educated guesses on behalf of their users on what to deliver, what to block, and what to quarantine, in the pursuit of the best possible user experience.

    DomainKeys is a technology proposal that can bring black and white back to this decision process by giving email providers a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (i.e,. that they were not altered during transit). And, once the domain can be verified, it can be compared to the domain used by the sender in the From: field of the message to detect forgeries. If it's a forgery, then it's spam or fraud, and it can be dropped without impact to the user. If it's not a forgery, then the domain is known, and a persistent reputation profile can be established for that sending domain that can be tied into anti-spam policy systems, shared between service providers, and even exposed to the user.

    Another article on this at InternetNews...

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    Probably more complicated than it needs to be, especially in modifying all the existing mail servers out there to handle it.

    http::// is a quicker solution to reducing email spoofing.

    If you have control of the DNS of your domain names, you can set up SPF records in a flash, and any mail servers using SPF can tell if someone's spoofing your email addresses automatically, and reject the mail BEFORE the body text is sent (which cuts down bandwidth usage too).

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