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    GSI Tracking Issue
    In case you don't get the emails for any reason:

    "On 1/22 global code was updated on the GSI Commerce platform which deleted the Affiliate tracking code on
    all TrueAction client websites. As a result all TrueAction clients became unable to track affiliate revenue
    and all affiliate revenue has been tracked as direct to site sales from 1/22-2/4.

    While we are unable to determine the exact amount of revenue driven by the affiliate channel during this
    period, it is important to our team that you receive commissions for traffic that you have driven based on
    estimated revenue.

    The tracking issue was resolved 2/4 and we are currently working to calculate commissions owed for each
    affiliate. We will be applying them to the commissions that are paid out in February.

    Your revenue will be calculated based on the average % of program revenue that your site contributed
    from 1/3-1/21 being applied to the total program revenue estimate for the untracked period. Your
    commissions will be calculated based on the current program commission rate and applied as a manual bonus
    with February commissions.

    We value your partnership and appreciate your patience.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to our team directly: affiliates at"

    That's going to be a lot of merchants. Never understand why they don't test tracking after updates like this. And how do you miss affiliates not tracking for 2 weeks? I figure that's something you might notice in hours if that.

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    This was a little shocking to me as well. That's a long time and a lot of merchants to not figure it out sooner.
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    Surprising there wasn't an outcry from affiliates noticing the drop.

    For me the timing of it coincided exactly with changing NHL from LS to PJ, so the sudden lack of sales I blamed on PJ. On all the programs back at LS, sales were dripping through from cookies already planted so from the affiliates viewpoint it was difficult to spot immediately.

    GSI/TA are doing absolutely the right thing about it though.

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