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    Domain Name Info?
    I was looking for another domain name and had a Company help me. Using these search terms as an example they did Google keyword search of the term "Mail Ordering" and it only kicks back 110 exact matches. "Mail Order" has 22,200 exact matches, that would be the domain name with strong value. Does anyone know what the exact matches mean and where does one look?

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    Exact matches means that is how many instances of those words in that order in that spelling that G has indexed in the entire internet.

    Although the top result I see does not have the word on the page:

    That is an example of linking power and pagerank.

    And the "ordering" word is a bit odd. It seems like it is usually part of a large sentence.

    Tips for mail ordering goods from the internet into Australia.
    Mail Ordering a Bride Now Requires Forfeiting Rights to Privacy and Free Speech: Determining a More Constitutional Approach for the Criminal Justice System

    And a sidenote on an issue I see a lot. Maybe even once a week. Having lots of results or few results does not necesarily mean that people search for that or type that.

    It means pages have been reviewed and it appears to Googles algorythm that those pages are relevant for that term. It may be a popular term and it may not be.

    Also the trend could be cyclical like taxes, holiday shopping, valentines shopping. How many pages are about a topic does not equate to traffic. It does show you however basic competiveness of a term. In your above example the 110 is not competitive at all and you could probably rank with just a title tag and domain name. The 22,200 is the better term and is probably still not a problem.

    Like Google says there are 592,000 relevant pages for "square ball", but have you ever seen a square ball?

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