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    Coupon traffic with nowhere to go - please help
    Hi ABW'ers. I'm new here and probably more clueless than your average newbie.

    I have a handful of domain names that in aggregate have about 20,000 unique visitors a month that are specifically looking for coupons. The domains are currently parked with Sedo earning almost nothing. For those of you that like examples... TheCouponCodeLady

    Anyway, my question is how best (with very little time and web/tech skills) can I get these domains to produce a meaningful income? White label, paid for traffic forwarding, sell the domains? All ideas welcome. Thanks.

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    Why not develope the sites yourself and put coupon codes for merchants on them?

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    I simply don't have the time/expertise to develop them myself. But...

    Can anyone estimate the income I could expect from a "quite good" coupon website that attracts 20,000 relevant visitors a month? Ball park figure.

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    Perhaps $1000 to $2000 a month, but it'll really depend on the quality of the traffic and how good the site is. It could easily be an order of magnitude less if the quality isn't good.
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    That example, if it is a dot-com (as listed in SEDO) shows 55 incoming Yahoo links, 1 from G and about 1600 visits in the last 30 days. With those few inbounds I would think much of the traffic is from left over bookmarks, directory-type pages and/or some kind of page redirects. Did you register the domain? Acquire it from somewhere? There is no record of it being an actual site in So it is likely the traffic is not much for converting. Sorry...just my opinion...YMMV.
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