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    Viewing affiliates as community extensions
    I would appreciate feedback for how we handled this situation for our affiliate program.

    Our site is subscription based. All new customers get a 7-day free trial. Any time during that trial, they can purchase an extension of 30, 90, or 365 days. Once they purchase a subscription, they can purchase another subscription at any time to extend their membership. An example customer transaction could look like this: Free 7-day trial, purchase 30 day extension, purchase 90 day extension.

    We are assuming that customers referred by affiliates are part of a social structure managed by that affiliate, such as a forum like this, a blog, or something. We are also assuming that part of what keeps them engaged with our product may be this social structure. If this is the case, then we need to view this structure as an extended part of our community. Based on this, we set our cookie length to 180 days, and all subscription extensions go through the same order processing that is used to book the initial sale. If this extended community helps keep our customers engaged, then it makes sense for us to support that extended community. To me, support means commission dollars.

    We set the cookie at 180 days, and not a year or infinite, because the partnership with that affiliate should drive some sort of activity that should refresh the cookie in 6 months. If no activity occurs in 6 months to refresh the cookie, we grow concerned that the customer may not be involved in the extended community, and there should be something else we should be supporting to help keep that customer engaged and coming back.

    Please, feedback is welcome on how to make our program fair and attractive to partnership oriented affiliates, either in this forum or by PM.

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    Moderator Note: I've split this out, as it's not really related to the thread you posted it in and it merits it's own thread.

    I really like your thinking. Not all affiliates will be "communities", but those that do actively engage their visitors and continue to bring them back do provide more loyalty/value to you, so it's appropriate that they end up being compensated more since they're keeping the customers coming back.

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    Hi Joshua. An easier thing for you to do is to pay recurring commissions on the life of that member that was driven by that affiliate. Recurring commissions are highly motivating to affiliates if there is a good product that they anticipate they can earn ongoing income from.
    Deborah Carney

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    hi Joshua, involving money in affiliate like providing commission will surely attract visitors. Visitors really get motivated if they know that they get money from it, face it, you can't attract a person if there's no money involve.

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