I just purchased AffMeter to see if this tool can help in any way.

To use the Adwords part you need to request the "Adwords token". My automated reply from Adwords said my token request could take 1 to 2 weeks. Great...

So I decided to test the "network data pull" (ie retrieving sales data from the networks). I setup my SaS login last night and the test passed. So I decided to pull a few months of SaS data and go to bed. This morning I see nothing (no merchants, no numbers ...) in Affmeter, as if the tool "pulled" nothing. Now when I go to "test" the SaS connection I get an network error. The "Log Messsges" feature says: "Shareasale:Number of Allowed Calls Exceeded!". While the SaS interface says: "Note: API report requests are limited to 200 per month. You have 200 request credit(s) remaining this month."

Can the SaS API limit be reset?

Anyone has Affmeter Pro running with SaS?