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    Looking for feedback on 80+ Affiliate Networks
    We work with these 80+ networks: [link removed], but we don't run any affiliate traffic with them. Has anyone worked with these networks? We would love to hear affiliate feedback so that we can update our site to reflect that information. Some of these networks include Vantage Media, Synervation, Elite Clicks Media, CPAWAY and Axon Media group...

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    You may list the network names BUT no links please.

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    It looks to me like your intent is to promote your CPA Network comparison site rather than to get feedback on those networks. If you want to promote your site, you can pay for an ad. If you're looking for feedback, why not ask the visitors on your site, search here on ABW, or search using Google?

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    We do ask our visitors for feedback (specifically on the pages that show offers from each of the networks). We wanted to get feedback from other sources as well. ABestWeb looks like it's full of experienced affiliates that have useful insight and information on all of the networks. Also, not all of the networks we work with are mentioned in ABW yet so I started this thread to see if we could get feedback on those networks (such as Axon Media Group, Adworkz or Awiga Media...). I tried posting a link to the list of networks we work with because that list changes all the time and that way we wouldn't have to make multiple posts to ABW.

    The list of networks we work with today is:

    3 Mobile, 7Reach, ADFoundry, AdOptim, Adperio, Adworkz,, Affiliace, Affiliate.Com, Agami Media, Amped Media, As Seen On PC Network, As Seen On Tv Network, Aspen Publishers, ATM Interactive, AwigaMedia, Axon Media Group, Azoogle, BardonAdvisors, Blue Phoenix Network, Cactus Media, Click Bank, Click Booth, Commission Empire, Copeac,CoProsper, CPA Dynamics
    CPAHAIL, CPANation, CPAShine, CPAThunder, Cpaway, Direct Leads, eLeadMedia, Elite Clicks Media, ExclusiveCPA, Float Interactive, Flux Ads, Fosina Offers, Freemax Media, FXCash, Global Ad Revolution, Global Net, Globalizer, Guppy Media, Highway M5, idWatchDog, iYogi, Lead Force Media, Lucky Pacific, Market Leverage, Media Trust, Monix, Moss, NDemand Affiliates, NDustryClix, Neverblue, Next Advisor Network, Offer Forge, Offeratti, OfferShot, Optimal Fusion, Panthera Network, Perfect Paycheck, PerformLine, Profitistic, Revenue 500, Revenue Ads, RevenueLoop, Rextopia, RunByAffiliates, Saveology, SnapVertise, Sprint Trade, Synervation, ThinkAction, TrafficSynergy, Triad Media, Trienta Affiliates, Vantage Media,, YMultimedia

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    Here are the reviews on what i can tell you as i use them.

    CPAway - They have great offers and great support. If you get Phil as an Affiliate manager then be happy because he is the best one there.

    ExclusiveCPA - Ok but there site is to jumbled up, owner (Dan) also owns LeadPUB.

    Panthera Network - Great network i just dont like the way i get treated there, i got denied but have used them before through where i used to work.

    NDemand Affiliates and - They both work together, say you sign up to XY7 like i did then NDemand get involved. Dont like the network as they NEVER pay on time and also there crediting systems is to bad for my liking.

    I hope i have helped to an extent, this is what i think and what i have heard.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael Davis

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    @cashtick hi im the ceo of ndemand and we always pay our publishers on time and i am almost always online to care for the needs of our affiliates.The only time their is issue with payment is when the advertiser tells us leads are bad but sometimes their our shady advertisers which in that case we have paid out of pocket after finding out.If anyone else has issues with our company in any way please contact me
    Mike Pacheco
    NDemand Affiliates Inc.
    Office: 877-767-3311 ext. 8
    Cell: 405-618-3559
    Fax: 405-242-5067
    AIM: Mikepceo
    Skype: Mikepceo

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    When first starting our incentive site, we quickly applied to be a publisher with LeadPub. After all, so many other incentive sites are affiliated with them... so they had to be good, right? Well, that was our initial assumption. After being a publisher with them for months now, and experimenting with a vast number of other affiliate networks, I think it is safe to say that our opinion of LeadPub has changed dramatically.

    The first few months went alright, we were merely happy to see our incentive site bringing in profit. We were hosting 90% of our campaigns via LeadPub at that time. However, now that we have partnered with various other affiliate networks, LeadPub is far from being top notch in this industry.

    New campaigns become available, if you are lucky, biweekly, and even then, you can count them all on one hand. Unlike many other affiliates adding new campaigns daily... Support, well, it just is not there. I mean it is, but not at a professional level. If you like receiving support responses sounding like they were answered by a 14 year old, you will absolutely LOVE LeadPub. However, anyone serious about their business will easily frown upon this type of attitude.

    As for payments, they claim to be on time every month. That's just some more false advertisement. Yes, I understand that things happen, money does not transfer fast enough from Paypal to the bank, and vice versa. However, when they are late on payments, and are inquired about it by publishers who earned their payments, they really don't need to reply back with rude comments like they do.

    All in all, LeadPub is a good affiliate for those who cant get approved as a publisher with anyone else. Even then, that may be pushing it though. There are far more superior affiliates available, take the time you will waste on LeadPub and seek those ones out!

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