Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Diamond Nexus Labs affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

5% commission
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available
Datafeed available

A lab-created diamond simulant must function exactly like an earth-mined diamond. It has to sparkle, cut glass, dazzle you with its radiance and keep the secret of its origin so that everyone who sees it believes it to be real. That beautiful, flawless jewel must then be regally placed in a setting so perfect in its detail and graceful in its design that even the most discriminating jewelry connoisseur would be proud to own it.You have just found that perfect combination of beauty and science. Lab-created precious jewels so breathtaking they grace the Miss Universe crown yet so scientifically advanced even your jeweler can't tell the difference.

Now, isn't that a beautiful way to Reward your Intelligence?


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