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    Using multiple themes at once on WP
    Hey guys just a quick question about WordPress,

    I have been busy building up my blog using one theme and have it looking nice and pretty and neat - however I have just found a new theme which is far superior. It will take a lot longer to get it to the stage that I am at with my current theme because it has far more features. I am scared though that when I install it will look pretty shabby for all people accessing the site until I get it set up. Is there a way in wordpress to develop one theme while you maintain another and then when it is fully developed you can fully install it.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    All your posts, pages, content, and images will work with either one.

    I always suggest people not worry too much about themes. They are very easy to change.

    The only thing you will really have to do is sort out the sidebar, logo changes to top, and any footer changes.

    The rest should switch fine. I would upload the new theme and switch to it and see how your site looks.

    You can always switch back in 5 seconds (Unless for some reason it crashes)

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    fair enough - i do the preview and am shocked how disordered it looks.
    Maybe i just need to spend some time getting all the stuff sorted and looking nice. Prob just take a few hours but it would be easier the other way.


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