I just suspended one account because of suspicious activity.

All traffic has the same pattern:
- a visitor enters on any page of our site (with or without any affiliate cookie set)
- in just a few seconds, a visitor makes a request to our home page through his affiliate link
- a few seconds later, that visitor goes on to another page with referrer of the original page (not home) and his cookie is set

So it's pretty clear that something is up with that guy, but what surprised me is the fact that the account is not registered for some of the parasite companies out there. It's registered for someone in India.

After doing some research, I only found a site with the same company name as on the account that says "under construction."

Are parasites getting smart or is it just some affiliate who buys inventory from parasites and uses his own info when registering with merchants?

I would never catch this if it weren't for one order that was generated by our customer mailing, and had an affiliate cookie switched during the same visitor session. Under normal circumstances, that's practically impossible.