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    How to track PPC violations?
    How can i track PPC violations over search engines, personally i dont have much time to see daily on each SE and find any of my affiliate is violating my policy....i use SAS system
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    your PPC voilation you can see in google adwords or analytics account if you connect the adwords to analytics.

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    PoachMark and Brandwatcher are services that monitor the SEs for you. There may be others also, do a search on "trademark poaching".

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    We have a free Paid Search Review tool, although the merchant would have to be integrated on our network to use.

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    It's a great idea for affiliate networks to offer it as a free service to their merchants. Kudos to Avantlink!

    I think Avantlink's tool was inspired by the free service at . But that one is very basic and may not be as useful depending on what exactly you want to monitor. (On the other hand, it might be perfect. Check it out in any case.)

    Adgooroo has a service too -- ... They offer a free account for monitoring one trademark term/brand name. If you want to monitor more than that, you need a full license.

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    Thanks, Rehan

    Yep, is open source and it was the inspiration and foundation of our tool. One of our very savvy Affiliates who was sick of seeing tm bidding trumping his organic traffic wrote it in 30 minutes

    (note the tm bidding was not with AvantLink Affiliates since we default to not allow that with our policy, and enforce it)

    David Clark, our CTO, took it from there and built out the tool mentioned above.


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