If you want to see how to make affiliates really annoyed with a deliberate attempt by the publisher to "steal" the sale then try to buy any computer from Dell US!! - Make sure tho' that you can see what you're buying behind the "Would you like to speak to a Salesperson immediately" Window that pops-up after a second!

If this was an idea with true integrity (I know, that word doesn't exist in Corporate America anymore) - benefitting both customers and affiliates alike then Dell US would have signed up for the excellent CJ "Get paid per call" program. I notice that Dell US did NOT sign-up to this program and, consequently, my Dell referrals continue to get ripped off by their own salespeople - with no attempt at finding out the referring website. My gosh. what a surprise. Shocking I know!!

Also, if perchance the customer can possibly ignore or miss clicking on the numerous "Chat Windows" that keep re-appearing then wait till you get to the Checkout screen!

Dell US has now stopped taking Debit cards and (apparently) anything that they have to pay more than 2.75% on. Oops, they neglected to tell anyone and, therefore, again, the customer has to call Dell to finalize the transaction. (You can easily find this on a Google search and a little delving into the real facts)

Also, Dell US just dropped their commission from 2% or more to 1.5% or more - the sign of a company in trouble I've heard?!

Beware signing up for Dell US's affiliate program. It is very very difficult to make the honest commission due to the affiliate for the referral. I wonder why Dell doesn't have a forum here?

I believe Dell US to be indicative of the current trend towards overt and excessive consumer ripoffs by Corporate America.