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    Is this download speed acceptable?
    Google Webmaster crawl statistics say that it takes them an average of 500 milliseconds to download a page from my sites. Is this acceptable or should I be working to reduce it?

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    Sounds great to me! 500ms or less is a very fast site.

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    Yeah, I would be very happy with those kind of numbers.
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    That's half a second. That's probably the time it takes over a fast Internet connection (100mbps).

    Take a look at the speed for more typical users, like a T1-speed (1.5mbps) DSL/Cable user, a typical mobile user (300kbps), or a dialup user (50kbps). How long do those take. As long as it's under a couple seconds (or 5-10 seconds for dialup), you're probably fine.

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    Psssh. 500 milliseconds is an eternity, man. I can get a cup of coffee, have a nap and write half a novel in less than 500 milliseconds.

    Okay, yeah, 500ms is a good number
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    I sometimes check the pagespeed on google webmaster. Now, my page hasn't been up that long, only a few months... So maybe if my site was up longer, like 1+ year, it might be more accurate. My time went from 3 seconds.. shot up to 5 seconds.. now back down to 2.9 seconds.. all within a month. Who knows. Other sites tell me it takes 1 second to download.. but Google is who I care about. Is that where you got your time from? According to their page, I believe anything less than 1 second or so is considered fast. 2.9 seconds (what was my last time) is considered faster than 52% of sites.

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