We have been working on a utility to help our affiliates quickly review and pick banners that match the style, color, and dimension requirements for their site. I would like to show what we have developed, and ask for ideas on what would make this more useful. We have added a few of the 88x31 banners to help test the page.


Features of This version
- Color wheel to dial in a background color and experiment with variations
- Entry of the hex code of a specific color to evaluate
- Select a subset of banners to review side by side
- Select all banners to browse the entire inventory
- Select and change background color for site compatibility testing.

For example, one of the things we quickly learned with this utility was that the transparent gifs worked great on light colored backgrounds, but have an ugly halo on some dark backgrounds. Also, the transparent chrome does not work well on most background colors. If you were experimenting for your site, you would be able to quickly see what works, and to either pick an alternative banner or an alternative location on your site for banners that have display problems.

Next features under development
- Replace check boxes for series selection with a scroll menu
- Add descriptions to the names of the ads
- Add the ability to select certain resolutions

If you're interested, this is a page we developed in Drupal.