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    January 27th, 2007
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    Hangin it up - moving on to smaller and better things
    Every business has it's risks. Risk management is something we all do every day, in our businesses as well as our personal lives. Initially I thought the risk of AM was low, and it really is when compared to the risk the merchants and the networks take. Now I have a little different perspective.

    After my little fiasco with G, I've been giving this a lot of thought.

    This is one industry where you're at the mercy of the networks and merchants. That's just the way it is. We invest our time and money with the risk of not getting paid. Still it was acceptable (then). Now I've personally experienced just how big that risk is, and how vulnerable the income from it can be.

    With all that in mind, looking at my business plans, I'm out. 100% done deal and decided. I'm passing all my sites off to family and friends and closing up shop. From here I'm just going to take some time off, do some traveling, fishing, golf, and see what happens next.

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    Buy a kayak. You won't regret it.
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    I'm sorry you were forced into a decision like this, but you never know, it just might be one of the best things to happen to you.

    Enjoy your free time now, but definitely come back and tell us how things are going.
    -Don't criticize anyone til you've walked a mile in their shoes. Then when you do criticize them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.
    - Silence is golden. Duct Tape is silver.

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    I'll miss you Mack.

    You have great taste in music

    Is there any way small adjustments could be made to counter risks involved [i.e. buy cheaper hosting etc...]?

    I always enjoyed your posts.
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    http and a telephoto
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    I hate to see anyone leave, but you have the right idea, you have worked hard and it's time to travel. Maybe do a blog about your travels, just to have a journal. I know I would read it
    Deborah Carney

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    So sorry to see you go Mack and sorrier still to know what forced your decision. Please don't just go away. We all want to know what happens next in your life.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    I can totally understand your decision, best of luck moving forward. Cannot really argue your points, affiliates really are vulnerable and fighting for change is a very slow process.

    Enjoy your travel and freedom, you deserve it!
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    You might try auctioning off some of your sites, posting traffic info here and at namepros, maybe the sites themselves are worth more than you suspect... maybe try
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    The Call is coming from Inside the House!
    flippa is a good idea. Some pagerank and natural traffic and they are all over them. You might need to install some stats or take some measure of adsense or other revenue.

    They can "validate" some stats.

    Might want to keep some of your favorites. I still have some year 2000 domains when I quit before.

    Well worth looking into.

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    Here's to your personal success away from affiliate marketing. sometimes it's just right to take a temporary or permanent break.

    Initially I thought the risk of AM was low
    I think there's a decent sized risk in ANY business. Unless your business is 'too big to fail' and the govt. bails you out - and you still get your big bonus.

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    I know I am not your family or friend...but can I have all your sites

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    Good luck to you.


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    Since we are in the ABWVF forum, I'll tell you my thoughts.....

    I hate to see folks with as much heart as you have GIVE UP!

    I'll pat you on the back and tell you how much we'll miss you and good luck in all of your endeavours if you want to hear that...

    Tired of the networks ruling the direction of your site?

    Your Paycheck?

    Their art...

    Their landing pages?

    I know you have some organic traffic to your pages...

    Find a few merchants OUTSIDE of the networks...

    Got a fine crystal wine glass site? ( I have no clue what you do, but assume it was a good niche when you decided to get into it )

    Go get your Winnebago...

    Load up the fishing poles...

    Camping Gear...



    Sattelite hookup....

    A few gas cards...


    Your gonna get bored at times...

    Get the contact info for some fine crystal wine glass companies that you feel good about selling....

    Ask these merchants if they are willing to do FULFILLMENT for you.....

    Add a cart to your site...

    Sell their products...

    They ship and send you a check.....

    The only thing cooler than travelling aroung the States and chilling out to me would be travelling around the States and having companies sending you checks for something you are doing in your spare time...

    I think that you will regret giving away your work and watching others destroy it ( if they have no idea what you just put into their hand ) ....

    And I don't care how GREAT the thought of wandering into the beautiful horizon sounds, there are going to be times you will be " scratching your head, while it's raining, too hot, Winnebago breaks down, etc.. and wishing you had something to do other than reading another book....

    Absolutely, JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION...

    Good Luck with your decision Mack!

    Jimmy McDonald - Your Local Hard Working RemodelingGuy ( & SprinklerGuy - & GarageGuy ) .... .... ....
    We're Bettering YOUR Life by Improving Where YOU Live It ...
    Do What You LOVE & LOVE What You Do! ....

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    In Razerback country.
    There are lots of people doing the RV thing who would love to know how to make a few hundred dollars with a portable business. Keep something you can use to show and tell and post enough so we can enjoy your travels and adventures.

    You're probably already aware, but workamper is a site / community devoted to people doing the travel life; working or volunteering along the way. It's a connection to opportunities in the National parks, the various theme parks, and seasonal jobs in touristy places. Those who don't need the money often enjoy the volunteer things that provide them with a camping hookup somewhere they wouldn't be allowed to stay that long otherwise.


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    @Kevin - It's already on my list.

    @Meadowmufn - I wasn't forced into it. One incident in itself can be overcome. They did say I was welcome back, but I'm not the 'Thank you sir, may I have another' type of guy. Everyone has their limits.

    @Rhia7 - Don't write me off. I may have quit AM but not ABW. I only frequent a couple forums and I could never leave the one with the ultimate 'What are you listening to?' thread. You're the one with the great taste in music, your postings made my bookmarks runneth over. I may be back next week selling snow shovels, I hear they're quite popular in some parts of the country.

    @loxly - Of course I'll blog my travels. I'm forming an LLC just for the trip. All of this is a business expense to support my new travel blog and book.

    @Rexanne - Oh no, another person writing me off. I wasn't planning on leaving here, I'm not leaving the Internet, and I do plan on staying on this planet, so I'll be around. Without you and Rhia7 I'd have to go find my own music. Can't have that. Add to that, I'd be lost without all your positive vibes.

    @Mellie - I do believe this industry is going to change, and for the better. I might come back when it does. Maybe after G is done walking on water and other players start to catch up. It would be easy for others to catch up, all they would have to do is provide human support and treat people like people.

    @Elbowcreek - I am giving that some thought, and having second thoughts about giving them to family and friends. I don't want them to end up with the same experience I had. A while ago I did sell off a group of non-retail sites and was pleasantly surprised at the value of them.

    @RG - I know everything isn't going to be perfect on the road. I'm sure I won't have any problems keeping myself busy, or not busy, whatever I choose that day. No Winnebago in my future. I've got an appointment today to go test drive a new Tiffin Allegro. Buying a car is a tough decision, buying a house is a tougher decision, now I'm looking to buy both in 1 rig. So many choices, definitely a buyers market right now, so I'm taking my sweet time and exploring every option.

    @everyone - I'm taking all of this in stride. A lesson from Dad many years ago; "The only things in life that will bother you are the things you let bother you". Of course I was a bit miffed at first, now I'm not letting it bother me. Took all of the emotion out of it, made the business decision to do something where I have more control over my destiny. I might not be here as often, but I'll be around.

    I have to go. Lots of shopping to do.

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    Wow Mack. Sorry to hear the reasons you are leaving Aff Marketing. You'll definitely be missed but hopefully stay here in ABW and keep us updated with what you are doing. =0)
    Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. Online Marketing Blog and Affiliate Management Company
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    Mack, sorry to hear about the incredible idiocy you suffered at the hands of GAN, but you sound convinced this is what you need to do, so best wishes to you in whatever is next along the journey for you!

    Frankly, though I've had only a couple of similar setbacks and NOTHING as extensive as you've had, I'm nearing the brink of moving on to other things myself. Not just yet, but maybe soon -- simply because all the years I've put into it, I haven't managed to generate any significant, steady income.

    Ah, well. All the best to you and yours on the changes ahead!
    Generate more fake news.

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    Just as an aside, consider talking to a few of your closer acquaintances here, and see if they have any ideas for your sites, I'd hate to see you just give up and maybe just be one or two tweaks away from a slush fund. I cannot think of a more creative, resourceful group of people than the ones here at ABW to turn to, though you would obviously not want to post domain names in public, unless you had decided to sell.

    Just sayin', make use of your friends here, maybe they will see opportunity where you see frustration.
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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