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    Looking for an Affliate Manager
    We are looking for an Affiliate Manager, for a very "lucrative e-commerce" website.

    This person must have a long term track-record in managing affiliate communities.

    Willing to work on result basis

    If you are interested in working hard, give us a pm

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    The place to post these openings is here:
    but for now, you can't send or receive PMs yet.

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    You also need to give a lot more information, especially if you want someone to work on a results only basis. What type of product, is it Affiliate or CPA Network, what Network are you on or is it in house, how much will you pay on the results only, etc... Chances are no one will show up or work in house if it is ROI based and they are real and actually know what they are doing.
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    You can either post a paid ad through the link posted above, or if you're looking for an OPM, we have quite a few great ones with forums here:

    They all have contact information. Browse through their forums, find a few you think look the best, and contact them.

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    If you are interested in working hard, give us a pm
    That phrase has always turned me off in employment adds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by company

    Willing to work on result basis

    If you are interested in working hard, give us a pm

    Aggressive..... very aggressive.....

    Hope they wouldn't detain AM for non performance lol.....

    In the recruitment pitch, motivation is on its peak: P

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