About us:

The West, produced by the company InnoGames, is one of the most successful browser games worldwide. Now it has about 2 million active players in 200 countries. The West has developed a large community with players aged 12 to 45. It can be played with any browser and any computer that is connected to the Internet and was voted the “Browsergame of the year 2008” by the German internet community.

At the role playing game, set in the Wild West, the players earn your first dimes as a bouncer, berry picker or shoeshine boy. But don’t be afraid, bigger tasks are waiting for them soon. The users choose the character of a workman, adventurer, gunslinger or soldier, searching for glory, luck and gold. It is on them to decide whether to slap through the endless widths as a lonely trapper or to join a strong town in order to conquer big forts with hundreds of allies. They could stand on the side of law and order or perform an ingenious bank robbery. No matter, which way they go, with 100 different workings, two millions of users around the world and some dozens of quests, it is never boring at The West.

Affiliate Program Benefits:
We know that it only takes a few clicks to keep a registered user. With the purchase of premium points a player can gain in-game advantages. However, InnoGames is taking care to ensure a good game experience for non-payers as well.

An affiliate of The West should feel confident that it is advertising a product that fascinates a large amount of people who will be hooked quickly and over a long period of time. The market of players for browser games is literally unlimited. Due to the combination of the concept and the quality of the product a participation practically guaranties profits.

Commission: 0.55 $ (double-optin)

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