About us:
Grepolis, produced by the company InnoGames, is a brand new online strategy game. It gained about 200.0000 players within the first 7 weeks after its start. Even the beta version was nominated for one of the biggest game awards in Germany (“Deutscher Entwicklerpreis”). The game is designed for players aged 12 to 45. It can be played with any browser and any computer that is connected to the Internet and was votes the “Browsergame of the year 2008” by the German internet community.

Every player is a leader of a small Polis (Greek for town). By amassing the resource production, the town’s buildings are expanded and the village grows. The players are to conquer the Olymp in the footsteps of Ulysses, Achilles and other Greek heroes. It is their task to build up a small Polis to a huge metropolis, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On their trip to glory and honor, they should also take care of the gods of the Greek mythology: Zeus’, Hera’s, Athene’s and Poseidon’s grace will decide about your victory or defeat.
InnoGames has already developed and published Tribal Wars (4 million active users) and The West (2 million active users), two of the most successful browser based online games ever.

Affiliate Program Benefits:
We know that it only takes a few clicks to keep a registered user. This might be due to the free product we are offering. With the purchase of premium points a player can gain in-game advantages. However, InnoGames is taking care to ensure a good game experience for non-payers as well.
An affiliate of The West should feel confident that it is advertising a product that fascinates a large amount of people who will be hooked quickly and over a long period of time. The market of players for browser games is literally unlimited. Due to the combination of the concept and the quality of the product a participation practically guaranties profits.

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