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    GAN data feed ftp demanding PURE alphanum password...!
    A month ago the hosting provider where I have an ftp account for
    GAN to upload the data feeds, started to require at least one
    non-alphanumerical character in the ftp passwords.

    It took me some time, to find out that GAN in contrast, requires
    the ftp password to be fully alphanumerical!

    Did anyone by chance find a "special" character that GAN does
    allow in the ftp password? I tried . - _ (dot dash and underscore)
    but they don't get accpted. (Also asked GAN via their contact
    form for a fix, hopefully it will come soon, as this requirement
    for non-alphanum char(s) in passwords, is getting more and more

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    You might try the tide [~] or the left or right {} brackets.
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    Does that actually work for you on GAN?
    If so I would be willing to try..

    Cause they explicitly state somewhere hidden deep within their Help
    system, that the password must be purely alphanumerical.. sometimes
    thats interpreted to include - or _, but not things like { or }

    So before I try all non-alphanum (it's a hussle, must update passwords in
    2 accounts, every attempt), gonna wait for a confirmed "escape"
    or who knows, a quick action and answer from GAN..

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    I'm using characters including the dollar sign and an explanation point etc in my GAN ftp password.

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    turned out to be something else.
    Tried that (!), also immediately giving a mssg: illegal username or password

    Then tried one pure alphanum... same does not even seem to try reach
    the ftp server..

    But the weird thing is, having given them space on another server, it works fine!
    SO my problem seems not to stem from the "all alphanum" requirement that
    maybe indeed is even obsolete "help info".. somehow GAN does not like the
    orig. ftp server, or vice versa..

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