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    I personally do not like this is some ways, but it could really handy for ebay auctions and a few other things.

    An Internet service is about to test the frontiers of e-mail privacy., which will launch Monday, allows anyone to secretly track e-mails they send. You'll see whether someone opens your e-mail, how long the recipient keeps it open — even where geographically the recipient is reading it.
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    It will be worthless. I predict millions will add the didtheyreadit. com URL to blockers and filters on their computers and servers. Most of the mail won't be read, because people won't ever see it.

    A waste of time, a waste of money to those who join. A bad idea. It just makes the Internet more treacherous.


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    gmailis not requesting the remote images, so they will not be able to track gmail accounts...
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    There have been a few of those types of services around for a while. I do use one of them, MSGTAG, and it doesn't seem to be affected by anti-spam software.

    I was suspicious of such software, but needed a way to verify that email was being read for business proposals and invoicing. Heard the "I didn't receive your email" too many times. Now I know when the email is read and can followup if necessary.

    This software could be used in a malicious way I suppose, but MSGTAG only allows one email to be tagged at a time and only provides the read date.

    I'm just a happy customer, but I do think they offer an affiliate program as well.


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    How would you set a filter for ?? as I'm sure every professional spammer will use it to harvest deliverable e-mail addresses. I like the Yahoo open source solution to spam called Domain Key might do the trick...

    Well it looks like the major ISPs have had it with junk mail direct marketers still flodding them with billions of spams daily.

    DomainKeys: Proving and Protecting Email Sender Identity
    Email spoofing - the forging of another person's or company's email address to get users to trust and open a message - is one of the biggest challenges facing both the Internet community and anti-spam technologists today. Without sender authentication, verification, and traceability, email providers can never know for certain if a message is legitimate or forged and will therefore have to continually make educated guesses on behalf of their users on what to deliver, what to block, and what to quarantine, in the pursuit of the best possible user experience.
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