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    DoGooder Firefox Extension
    Has anyone heard of DoGooder? It is a Firefox extension on page 4 of all extensions, sorted by rating. Downloads are 271/week, although I'm not sure if that is just in Germany (firefox demands I visit the German site lol).

    Here is what the description is:

    "The DoGooder gives end-users the choice to see green, charitable, and health and wellness campaigns on the web sites they enjoy going to (including Web Mail), rather than the generic advertising prevalent on the Internet today. Consequently, DoGood Headquarters donates 50% of the profits earned from said advertising back to green initiatives, charitable causes and non-profit organizations. Thus, the DoGooder allows anyone with an internet connection to generate tangible funds for social progress by simply doing what they already do – surf the net. Additionally, end-users can right-click a web page to see original ads at any time– you decide.

    There are no filter lists to install or update, and no complicated drop down menus or variables to manipulate. Right-clicking a web page gives you access to more functions. End-users now have control over what, when, where, and how the consume online advertising; improving independence and browsing experience. It's simple to use, takes ten seconds to install, and of course, it's free.

    Support causes by simply surfing the web."

    I did a search for it first, but didn't get any results. Some of the ratings are saying stuff like "oh, cool, was looking for an ad blocker, but this is better as the proceeds of the ads go to good causes", or "brilliantly subverts the traditional model and shifts power from content publishers to content consumers. inspired. Love it."

    Hmmm....not sure that *I* love it!

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    hmmm.. how can they say this here:

    "dogooder browser plug-in hides the generic advertising you see.."

    and say this here:

    "does not block ads from being served on websites..."
    "(publishers) yes, you still get paid"

    I guess it's just good ol semantics. I bet the merchants paying for the ads are thrilled!
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