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    Franchise Affiliate Program Revisited
    Hi! I'm interested in promoting some food franchises on my website.

    There is another thread that is closed that discusses this...but I have follow-up questions.

    MarkWelch said
    There are a number of companies who operate "business opportunity" directories that compete with FranchiseGator, including some who have their own affiliate programs that are much more clearly defined, using trusted third-party affiliate networks.
    Can someone point me to some other companies that operate "business opportunity" directories that have affiliate programs? I haven't been able to find any except Franchise Gator.

    Mark Welch also said
    The original question sought to find a site that listed "franchise affiliate programs," which I assume meant affiliate programs where the franchisor would pay web publishers only when a franchise transaction is completed.

    I suspect that this arrangement might be illegal in some U.S. states -- just as some contend that it is illegal to set up "affiliate programs" that pay publishers contingent on a transaction for home sales, ion-drug sales covered by insurance or Medicare, attorney services, or complete mortgage or insurance contracts. And even "lead based" programs may run afoul of some states' restrictions (for example, most states impose tight restrictions on the operation of "attorney referral services"). Relevant laws would include franchise regulations, professional licensing and brokerage laws, and "finder's fee" case law.

    Promotional activity related to franchise opportunities, as well as the franchise transactions themselves, are highly regulated in many states, and this is probably why we haven't seen any response to this question in the 5 years since it was first posed.
    I'd love to hear more about these laws - since I'd love to promote some franchises - but I don't want to do anything illegal. There are pay-per-click, lead, and sale opportunities (with Franchise Gator - who MarkWelch cautioned against).

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    A quick look around the one that came up was Bizy Moms, they have a Franchise section and an affiliate program but I have no idea how the two connect together (if at all), the affiliate program may be simply for the broader site and not have anything specific for the Franchise area


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    Thanks! I'll check that out.

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