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    What does this mean in Affiliate marketing
    (1) ActionCriteria: Customer must purchase a web hosting account and remain a customer for more then 45 days.

    (2) Action Referral Period: 60 day(s)

    (3) Action Referral Occurrences: Unlimited

    Pls i need someone to help me xplain what the three staements above mean.

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    1) Cannot be clarified any further than what it says. The customer must make a purchase and not cancel.

    2) You are eligible for commission if the customer makes a purchase within 60 days of having been referred through your link.

    3) If your referred customer makes more than one purchase within the 60-day window, you get commissions on all of the purchases.
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    afam4eva, davidh is correct but some of the terms used by the networks can be a bit cryptic. Let us know if you need further clarification?

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