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    I'm about 3 months in to affiliate marketing, and of course, spending more money than is coming in. (Not huge amounts, mind you.)

    But I'm thinking down the road. I'm interested in everyones opinions on starting a business vs. doing this as an individual.

    Is there a magic dollar amount per month or year I should reach before bothering?

    Any opinions would be appreciated...
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    get a EIN and form yourself a company...

    as long as you act like a business you can deduct your losses and recieve other tax benefits...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Well, from my experience, we need to understand that either ID# is what you are ethically and morally doing business.

    After you start to make a few bucks, hire a legal team to advise you as well as an accountant.

    I've found that you can do affilate marketing tactics or commsissionable sales with websites whether they are for a non profit organization, for profit, an individual, or corporations, on the street stores or businesses. It so far has paid me, money does flow on the internet...but it's a very changing and overwhelming industry to keep up with.

    As we grow or make money, new problems crop up. For instance more losses on security of network or just plain old fashioned typed words communication errors or shit happens stuff.

    Just treat yourself or whatever as a good ethical moral business person and we will make a difference some how.

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