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    I asked John Hodges from how they managed to become free of parasite publishers. Here is his answer, and perhaps can make it the same way:

    Dear Mr.,

    One trick that doesn't always work is to grab the referring URL from the
    http header on the initial page visited. Generally parasite applications
    do not include a referring URL. Program your database to report the
    percentage of visitors from each PID# that arrived without a referring
    URL. If it's close to 100%, the publisher needs a closer look.

    This can cause false alarms. If a link opens a browser in a new window
    with a target="_blank" attribute in the href, or if the window is opened
    through Javascript, there will also be no referring URL in the HTTP

    If the affiliate networks had any long term vision they would realize
    that nobody wants to stay in a network full of crooks, and clean up
    their own house. I would much prefer to concentrate on selling boats and
    leave the parasite-policing to somebody else!

    John Hoge


    If seaeagle managed to do it, why can not?

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    The key word John that most all networks and merchant and AM's don't quite grasp is "selling". It is a foreign language term to those who only understand advertising terminology.

    Webmaster Mike

    "Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense?

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    I get the impression over the past couple of months that the networks are trying to "milk things" for everything its worth. While the new COC is an improvement, to be sure, it is still rather a joke. Real only good thing out of it is that the merchant will sort of be forced to get a little more involved in the whole thing since lots of their visitors will have pop ups' all over their pages now if the merchant is associated with ebates and other parasites.

    For the longer term, having parasite affiliates around is a lose-lose propostion for both the merchants and the networks (not to mention the active, honest affiliates). The merchants ultimately lose by paying out commissions on sales that the "parasite" did nothing to bring in (such as direct referrals and ad-word use by merchants). The networks will ultimately lose because active affiliates will slowly but surely drop merchants that don't make them anything - and merchants with parasatic affiliates lead the pack in this regard.

    Unfortunately, most businesses, especially in tougher times like now, look for short-term boosts over long term growth. All one needs to do is look around in any business section to see it happening everywhere - not just in affiliate marketing but in other businesses as well.

    It is so refreshing to see merchant partners like Sea Eagle, Mondera and BCS (three of my main merchants that I'm working more and more into my site) to be looking for long term sales partners and not just after the maximum buck in the short term. I built up my content site looking for a long term business, and having at least a few dedicated merchants for long term sales is a wonderful thing.

    I also believe that, in the longer term, most of the quality merchants on the net will begin dropping parasatic affiliates - and probably dumping the networks that most actively tolerate and promote them. Long term sustainable growth online can only be had using honest affiliate marketing. Tricks and other sleights of hand only go so far and do not provide for a sustainable online business model. Merchants hooking up with parasatic affiliates will only lead to a declining base in affiliates (and thus a decline in the number of hijacked links) and needless commissions paid to the parasites from direct sales.

    On a complete side note, I made my first Sea Eagle Raft sale today - which was quite a surprise since its the middle of the winter.

    Way to go Sea Eagle.


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