Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Pet Nutrition Products affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
9 - 15% commission
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available
Datafeed available

We are a leading manufacturer and retailer of pet health supplies and products. Whether it's nutritional supplements, wormers, skin and coat care, treats, flea and tick control products or first aid and medications, we have all the products your pet needs to live a happy and healthy life.

Our own PNP brand products have been carefully developed and selected by our staff including our licensed veterinarian Dr. Melissa, DVM. Come see why we are a favorite among internet pet supply shoppers.

Pet Meds - We are 100% approved by Pharmacy Checker and provide all of the major pet medications.

Bone & Joint Care Products - Our PNP brand high grade chewable and liquid format Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and HA products are customer favorites and are designed to increase your pet's mobility and reduce pain from hip and joint related problems.

Skin & Coat Care - Treat your pets skin and coat with a wide selection of products. Chewable liver flavored Omega Fatty Acids, fish oil including Alaskan Salmon Oil, Itch Relief and Germicidal sprays along with Skin & Coat formula rawhide treats provide a variety of ways to help your pet have health skin and a shinny coat.

Dental Care - Dental and oral care products for dogs and cats that range from treats, liquid washes, toothbrush kits and toys all designed specifically for better pet oral hygiene.

Grooming - Taking care of your pets grooming needs has never been easier than with a wide variety of pet grooming products from waterless shampoos to ergonomic combs and brushes to ear washes and tear stain removing swabs.

Flea & Tick - SAVE up to 30% on Frontline Plus, Advantage, k9 Advantix, CAPSTAR and bio SPOT! The exact same EPA/FDA products that are sold in the vet clinic at reduced prices.

First Aid & Medications - From pet first aid kits to liver flavored buffered aspirin chewables for dogs, shop for must have first aid and medication products for the times when your pet needs you the most.

Toys & Treats - All the fun and tasty products that your pet deserves are here! Some you know well and others that will become future favorites.


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