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    Google Pagespeed / Wordpress
    There was a recent thread here that talked about pagespeed / loading times. Mine has never been great... when you only have 40 visitors a day to your new blog I think there are other more important things to worry about!

    But, after i responded that my site downloaded 2.9 seconds according to Google Webmaster, there wasn't an updated for about 10 days. Then, my download speed shot up to 6.1 seconds.

    When I looked at some of the 'Example Pages' Google was timing, it kind of threw me back. Here is a sampling:


    You get the point. These had high times in the 7-11 second range while my 'normal' pages are much faster. Now I know I have other things I should be spending time on.. but I'm bored and thought I would investigate this. Why is Google testing the download speed of my admin pages? Any Wordpress users know why this happens and how to stop it?

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    Disallow that directory in your robots.txt file and that will keep Google out of there.

    It is also recommended that you should disallow wp-content, wp-include and a few others.
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    Suzie. Thanks for that. Really appreciate it. I knew a little about robots but didn't know you can keep bots out of folders so that's helpful. I added all those disallows except the google image. Hopefully my pagespeed will go from REALLY slow to only kind of slow shortly!

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    Do you have this site added to Google Webmaster tools?

    They have a graph there for download times and how often the bot visits you.
    It will show you exactly how long they think it takes to download your pages.

    It might give you a clue what happened and why dl time is going up.

    Add some plugins? Change theme? The host do anything with the server?

    Also you can ask to be visited more (or less) if the Google robot is overtaxing your system.

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    That's where I saw my times.. on the Google Webmaster page under Labs. My page speeds were never spectacular as I haven't focused on optimizing my site yet. But when I saw my times jump from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.. I decided to dig further. And when I saw which pages were in the example section, it appeared as though it was a bunch of admin pages which were 7-11 seconds.. which I'm sure were skewing the results. I am trying the robots suggestion above and will report back when / if it helps!

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