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    Quick Question About Affiliate Email Addresses on Shareasale
    Ok, I need to know how to view the e-mail addresses of my affiliates who sign up for my program. I can only view the website, I cannot for the life of me find out how to view their actual email addresses so I can contact them from my personal email address. Help anyone?

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    You can contact them through their details page on Shareasale. You can set your program to allow affiliates to decide to share their email address with you by contacting Shareasale support. Some affiliates do not want their email addresses shared, so that is a privacy issue.

    Contacting them through their details page is the appropriate way to make contact. Also check out the link to the Shareasale Affiliate Aquarium in your merchant account and register there. Affiliates that choose to participate there are able to be contacted directly, it is opt in for the affiliates.
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    Hi trig7, as per loxly said, you can contact via SAS, on specific Affiliate page, you can contact them via SAS email, but when you send them the email, you can recieve a copy (at the email you have registered SAS Merchant account). in that copy, you can observe the email address of Affiliate you sent the email. But i would recomend not to bug the Affiliate so much, they are too sensitive

    conversate with them only when they reply from your SAS email.

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