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    Is it worth spending time for me to click the traffic exchange sitesí ads?
    Itís easy and simple to get traffic to my website if I spend enough time to click the traffic exchange sitesí ads.

    But according to the google Analytics Tools in my website showing, the visitors just glanced my homepage in a very short time. That means it increased many visitors in my site, but the pages/visit, bounce rate, avg. time on site are very low. Comparatively the visitors came from forum, blog, article and other referring sites or searching engine have spent more time on my website and browsed more pages. The problem is that it is hard for me to write a good English articles.

    There are any better solutions?

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    Traffic exchanges are sending you worthless traffic, the people are doing the same thing you are, just clicking to get more clicks and they are not interested in the content on your site.

    Ditch them and spend the time making your site a place that people want to spend time on and that the search engines will find good content on to get you good rankings.

    If you have trouble writing good articles, hire someone to do some writing for you. Sites like elance and others have writers that are reasonably priced.
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    The visitors you get from the traffic exchange networks are only electronic queries or even when the are real users on the traffic exchange network, the aren't motivated to land on any of your pages. So such traffic accounts only in the total number of visitors, but not in their quality.

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    You're better off with just one real visitor who came to your site for a reason, than a million who didn't.
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    to get genuine traffic you have to do hard work on organic SEO like article, directory, social bookmarking, forum discussion and much more to get genuine traffic. These work will boost your rank and site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh
    You're better off with just one real visitor who came to your site for a reason, than a million who didn't.
    That's the trick!

    MICRO-TARGETED Traffic roooolz.

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