Since opening shop in New York City in the 1930’s, Rail Europe has become the leading authority of European rail in the North America, representing more than 35 European railroads. Rail Europe currently help more than one million visitors each year discover the rich heritage and scenic landscapes of Europe by train. And they’re privately held, with the French National Railroads (SNCF) and the Swiss Federal Railroads (SBB) as majority shareholders.

Rail Europe has been selling European Rail products to the North American market for over 75 years. Well known brands and products like Eurail Global Passes, Eurostar (channel tunnel) tickets, National Rail Passes, Premier (high speed) and point to point tickets to virtually anywhere in Europe. Each year, more and more North American travelers figure out what Europeans already know: the best way to travel around Europe is to travel through it, on the train.

Along with country and regional passes, we also sell sleeper cars, scenic trains, tours and add-ons, the list goes on and on…

Program Benefits:
Whether you’re an established travel agent or individual web entrepreneur with or without an existing website, we have partnership opportunities and a range of distribution technologies to make it easy.

By becoming our affiliate, you will receive 3% commission on sales of Eurail passes and National Rail Passes (excluding BritRail), point to point tickets and high speed trains like the TGV and Eurostar (the channel tunnel train). With well-known high ticket items and the fact that we pay commissions even if the traveler books with us up to 60 days after they first came from your site, this program can be a real moneymaker for you!

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