We're excited to announce that a Page Peel creative is now available for Kaskey Kids!

What is a Page Peel?
Page peels are a flash-based solution where one piece of creative is layered on top of another. A visitor to an affiliate’s site can hover their mouse over the ad to reveal a larger creative underneath. Clicking on the ad will take the visitor to a landing page where they can find out more information or make a purchase.

Why should I use it?
Page peel creatives are interactive, engaging ads that capture a site visitor's attention. They generate a higher CTR, which will help boost sales volume.

What do they look like?
Click here to view a sample put together by the UK team, as well as read more information.

Click here to view a sample of the Kaskey Kids page peel creative. (yes, it's a blank page, but look in the upper right-hand corner)

Questions? Comments? Let me know!