I run a UK digital marketing and design agency and was wondering if any established US agencies wanted to share ideas, tips and documentation?

For instance, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours creating training materials on affiliate, email and search marketing for my staff and potential clients which are equally valid in the USA as they are in the UK. Also I'd like to think I've picked up some useful tips on making our agency a success in the many years we've been doing this thing.

Likewise, I'm sure there are Managers who have been putting in an enormous amount of grunt work over the years to make their agencies prosper, and we're probably replicating the same investigations and tasks in some cases. As our businesses are focusing on different geographical territories, why don't we share knowledge and help each other to succeed?

I'm not interested in sending each other three line emails - I'm talking about a serious knowledge swap on a long-term basis on promoting, growing and running a professional online marketing/design agency or specialist OPM agency.

If you have been running such an agency for 5+ years and would like to partner on a mutually beneficial relationship, feel free to get in touch to discuss (my email is nadeem [at] azam.net ).